This article details the right bank exam preparation strategies and the best tips to help candidates prepare for their banking exams. In India, banking is considered one of the most prestigious professions for young and experienced professionals. It is an open secret that banks offer their employees attractive packages, employment security and other benefits. Demand for banking professionals in the banking industry has shown tremendous growth over the last few years and is expected to increase over the next few years. The competition between bank candidates is challenging and gets more challenging every day.

Exam Bodies

Three significant bodies conduct the bank exams:

  • IBPS
  • SBI
  • RBI 

Every year, millions of applicants apply for top-notch banking exams and want to be on the final list of selected candidates. However, it is easy to say. Choosing from thousands or hundreds does not depend solely on whether you register only with a well-known coaching centre or if you have a high level of intelligence.

To ace various bank exams in 2022, applicants must be well prepared and adhere to the standard cutoffs set by their respective banks. Only a small number of selected people will receive Interviews from banks that meet this criterion and act as agents at various bank branches, depending on their requirements.

Bank Exams

Following are the prominent bank exams in India:

  1. SBI PO
  2. SBI Clerk
  3. SBI SO
  4. RBI Grade B
  5. RBI Assistant
  6. IBPS PO
  7. IBPS Clerk
  9. IBPS RRB Clerk
  10. IBPS SO

Bank Exams Preparation Tips & Strategies

Here we have listed are a few strategies that will help you prepare for your bank exam. 

  • Review exam patterns and curriculum: Preparing for a bank exam is not a day’s work. The key to getting a good score on a competitive exam requires much time, effort, and dedication while preparing for the bank exam. As an aspirant, you need to quickly know the banking exam patterns to pass the 2022 banking exam.

The exam pattern of a bank PO exam is split into three parts: 

Prelims, Mains and Interview.

The Preliminary section is the same; however, the Mains are usually different. 

Given below is the test pattern of the Bank Prelims exam:

SectionsTotal no. of questionsMaximum MarksExam Duration
Quantitative Aptitude353560 Minutes Cumulative Time
English Language (Verbal)3030
Reasoning Ability3535

There is no specific exam pattern for the Mains examination as it entirely depends on each bank’s review scheme and exam pattern. 

The main subjects included in the examination are as follows.

  •  Quantitative Aptitude
  •  English Language
  •  Reasoning Ability
  •  General Awareness
  •  Computer Awareness

Familiarity with the exam patterns allows you to start preparing well for your bank’s exam and be in a better position to avoid last-minute surprises at the exam venue. You need to know the exam schedule and stay up to date on the exam topics, which will help you create a blueprint for your bank’s exam preparation. 

  • Designing a personal study plan: 

You must create a study plan while you know the bank exam syllabus. This will help you organise your curriculum and focus on the sections that require more attention. Learning plans also help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and address areas that need improvement. Following the curriculum at the beginning of a bank’s PO preparation will help track regular performance and pay special attention to complex issues.

  • Avoid Procrastination: 

Do not delay bank exam preparation until the end while you are determined to take a competitive bank exam immediately. The more you wait for your studies, the more likely you will lose getting the selected list. When looking for online banking preparations, you can search several bank exam preparation websites available on the internet to help you determine your preparation progress. Study a few hours daily to update and modify old concepts and make it easier to remember complex topics.

  • Explore Competitive Bank Exam Preparation Books and Online Resources: 

You can find thousands of bank exam preparation training materials and books available online for reference. You can refer to our dedicated bank exam preparation website and bank study preparation materials with extensive bank exam preparation apps. You can also download the learning materials available on the website to browse online blog posts and illustrated repositories. You can also derive and solve sample papers, dummy questions, and previous year’s questions to get a feel for the actual exam. The more you browse the internet, the better you will learn about the best books to prepare for your bank exam. Interestingly, the best bank reserve books are designed by industry experts with similar experiences who have been tested in the past. We recommend reading and reviewing the best bank reserves available online or in print.

  • Try some timed tests: 

Bank applicants who want to take a bank exam right away do more than just complete rigorous bank preparation. Instead, spend enough time running simulated free trial tests from time to time to track the status of your readiness. Candidates are encouraged to take regular sample exams to better understand bank exam patterns and curricula.

  • Solving the previous year’s question papers: 

Candidates who appear on the bank exam first should refer to the previous year’s survey. Get ideas for key topics from question types, exam patterns, exam levels, and different sections. This is an advantage of exam preparation. Another advantage of solving the challenges of the previous year is that you have experience with the final exam, gain confidence, and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the exam.

  • Refer to Bank Exam Preparation App: 

There are several applications that candidates can use to prepare for bank exams. The most significant advantage of such an app is that candidates can always contact their mentors to find a solution to their problems. Even candidates sitting at home can use these bank exam preparation apps to get all the necessary information and learning materials. Applying for a bank exam preparation online is the most convenient preparation source because people are trapped at home. These include a wide range of learning materials, video lectures, and preparation strategies that may help you prepare for competitive exams. These exam preparation apps are easily accessible, and candidates can access the relevant curriculum anytime, anywhere. Therefore, if candidates want to prepare at home, they can consider these bank exam preparation apps.

  • Bonus Tip:

Candidates should use timers to practice sample banking exam tasks, identify time management skills, and solve mock questions regularly. Candidates can see previous year’s surveys on the various bank and government exams on linked pages. 

If you follow this strategy as an applicant, you will benefit greatly from this opportunity and build confidence and work ethic before taking the actual exam.

Frequently Asked Questions for Banking Exam Preparation

Q 1. Is it challenging to prepare for a bank exam?  

Answer: The bank exam syllabus is comprehensive and widespread, and candidates must be well prepared due to the fierce competition to take the exam. 

Q2. Can I prepare for a bank exam in 3 months?  

Answer: Yes, you can prepare for the bank exam in 3 months. Candidates should study at least 10-12 hours a day, critically analyse the three-month exam pattern, and organise frequently asked topics for the exam. 

Q3. What is the best book to prepare for a bank exam? 

Answers: Below is a list of books candidates may consider in preparation for the RBI Grade B exam. 

  • Quantitative compatibility of Arun Sharma 
  • Major business newspapers and weekly economic and political magazines 
  • Oral and non-verbal reasoning by R.S. Agarwal
  •  Ren and Martin for English Grammar 
  • Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Arihant Publications 
  • Bank recognition from Arihant Publications 

To get ready for the general awareness section, candidates are encouraged to read the newspaper daily to update with the latest news worldwide.

 Q 4. Can I prepare for the bank exam at home without coaching? 

Answer: Yes, candidates can prepare for a bank exam without attending a coaching agency. They only need enough materials and the best books to study. 

Q 5. Is there an age limit for registering for a bank exam? 

Answer: In most cases, the maximum age limit for applying for a bank exam varies between 28 and 30, and candidates in a particular category are given different age limits.

 Q 6. Is the Bank Exam Preparation App helpful? 

Answer: Yes, candidates preparing for the exam in the banking department can use the app to help them prepare. You need to ensure that the bank exam preparation app you have selected contains detailed learning materials and appropriate notes.


While countless candidates choose a specialized coaching center to prepare for a competitive banking exam, many applicants still prepare themselves. Keep in mind that if you are one of those applicants looking to prepare at home, this is challenging and often takes you out of your comfort zone. Do your best and be well prepared.


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