Those who wish to pass the RBI Assistant examination 2021 must use the best RBI Assistant Books strategically. The Reserve Bank of India will administer this examination (RBI, or Reserve bank of India). For this, the best books for RBI Assistant are helpful since they aid in high-quality preparation for the RBI Assistant Recruitment 2021. The candidates will go through three phases during the recruitment: a Preliminary examination, a Mains examination, and a Language Proficiency Test.

Candidates should be able to study from the best books for clearing the preliminary and main examinations. According to the professionals, the best textbooks for each subject in the preliminary and main examinations can be found here. The candidate may get the best books for every topic on this page’s preliminary and main tests sections.

The RBI Assistant Preliminary exam tests the ability of the candidates in the following subjects:-

  • English Language
  • Numerical Ability
  • Reasoning Ability

The RBI Assistant Mains exam tests the ability of the candidates in the following subjects:-

  • Test of Reasoning
  • English Language
  • Test of Numerical Ability
  • Test of General Knowledge
  • Test of Computer Knowledge

Best books for RBI Assistant English

This topic requires an excellent understanding of grammar and vocabulary rules. The following publications may be used as a guide:

  1. Word Power Made Easy- Norman Lewis
  2. English Language Question Bank- G.K Publications 
  3. General English – Arihant
  4. Objective General English – S. Chand

Best books for RBI Assistant examination on Quantitative Aptitude

The following section measures a candidate’s calculating abilities. With time, you’ll get better at it. Refer to the RBI Assistant Quantitative Aptitude below.

  1. Objective Arithmetic – S. Chand
  2. Fast Track Objective Arithmetic- Arihant
  3. Numerical ability and Mathematical Aptitude – Dr AB Rao

Best books for RBI Assistant examination on Reasoning Ability

Candidates must improve their logical reasoning skills to do well in this portion. The following are the most acceptable RBI Assistant for Reasoning Ability books.

  1. A Modern Approach to Verbal Reasoning- S. Chand
  2. A New Approach to Verbal & Non- Verbal Reasoning- Arihant
  3. A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning – Arihant

Best books for RBI Assistant examination on General Awareness

It is necessary to devote time to prepare for any exam. Keep up with current events by reading the news. The RBI Assistant General Awareness books listed below may be helpful.

  1. General Awareness – Arihant
  2. General knowledge – Disha
  3. Banking Awareness – Arihant
  4. Indian Yearbook English/ Hindi- Publications Division

Best books for RBI Assistant Computer Awareness

The computer, hardware, software, and other issues are all dealt with in this section. Candidates can look to the books listed below for further information.

  1. Computer Knowledge- Sikha Agarwal
  2. Objective Computer Awareness- R. Pillai
  3. Computer fundamentals – Pearson
  4. Fundamental of computer – E Balaguruswamy


  1. Is the RBI assistant exam online or offline?

The RBI Assistant Exam has two phases, Prelims and Mains. It is conducted entirely online and has two parts such as preliminary examinations and main examinations.

  1. Can we use a calculator in the RBI assistant exam?

Calculators are not permitted.

  1. Is there any interview for the RBI assistant examination?

There will be no interview in the RBI Assistant examination. Candidates must pass both the prelims and mains exams to qualify for this opportunity.

  1. Is the RBI Assistant exam challenging?

The overall level of the RBI Assistant exam is moderate to difficult.

  1. Is the RBI assistant exam conducted every year?

Yes, it is held regularly.


These books may be considered the key to success in the RBI Assistant examination. The books listed here can assist you in passing the test. If you want a greater level of perfection  in the exam, you should consider studying smartly and rigorously. It is an awesome combination!

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