You may look up the books’ name list on this page by subject. Candidates who want to be selected in the SO (Specialist Officer) cadre of the SBI (State Bank of India) must check the books and prepare them. The materials and books on this page help prepare for the exam. The SBI SO textbooks are aligned with the curriculum and the questions asked during the examination. The candidates can download the PDF versions of the SBI Specialist Officer Selection 2021 Books.


Important Books




Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning

R S Aggrawal

The principles of verbal and non-verbal reasoning are developed in this book.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Arihant Publication

This book has several practice questions to help you master the numerous topics covered on the reasoning test.

Quantitative Aptitude

SmartBook by Testbook


This book helps SBI SO Exam candidates improve their preparation with over 4000 multiple-choice questions. This is a must-have for its smart answer keys, questions created per the TTAs, and in-depth analysis. You can download the first chapter PDF for absolutely free. Buy it from Amazon

Fast Track Objective Mathematics

Rajesh Verma

This is a fantastic book for practising low to high-level multiple-choice questions of various difficulties.

Quantitative Aptitude

R S Aggarwal

This book is a wonderful substitute for learning the fundamentals of each chapter of mathematics.

English Language

English Grammar

Wren and Martin

This is a great book to learn the fundamentals of grammar.

Objective English

R S Aggarwal

This book is ideal for practising objective-based questions.

General IT Knowledge

Management of Information Technology

Sasikala Parimil

This book is designed to provide the foundations of information technology.

Information Management System

Suman Mann Sima

This book provides a lot of practice questions to help you master various IT and computer-related topics.


Banking Interviews 

Gautam Majumdar

This book includes several previous year banking questions asked in the banking interviews.

The Secrets of Getting Success in Interviews

B S Sijwalii

This book discusses the fundamental concepts and body language involved in banking interviews. The book also contains many insider strategies for passing bank exams with ease.


Ques. I am a beginner, how should I start my English preparation for SBI PO?

Ans.Grammar is essential to writing well, but many people find it challenging. If you want your work or words to sound professional then take the time and invest in learning how to properly use grammar because this will help with reading comprehension as well! After getting comfortable with basic concepts of spelling/punctuation go on over Good Reading by Norman Lewis – it’s full of tips that’ll make all aspects easier such as memorizing dictionary definitions (especially important if English isn’t our native language).

Ques. What will be an alternate approach to prepare for the General Awareness part apart from the newspaper?

Ans.Reading the newspaper daily is an important part of life. But you must be cautious and shouldn’t spend precious time reading local news, so candidates should only read banking-related articles or national importance stories in monthly magazines to save themselves from being bored during revision

The candidate should not waste their valuable study hours with unimportant matters such as checking out what’s going on around town because it may distract them when they need all concentration for upcoming exams which will test how well learned material has been retained

Ques. What are the best books for Quantitative aptitude?

Ans. Candidates should go through the following basic books first.

  1. a) Data interpretation by Arun Sharma
  2. b) Quantum CAT by Sarvesh Kumar Verma

The book named ‘Advanced Maths for General Competitions’ is a must-have if you want to excel in mathematics. It will help build up your understanding of advanced concepts and techniques that are relevant across various types of competitions!


The SBI PO exam is a difficult and competitive test which can be stressful for aspiring officers. With so much to prepare, it’s important not to put off your preparation until the last minute; instead start early by planning out what you need in advance! It may also help if applicants explore their options with regards to study materials or even take some time away from studying during specific hours as this will give them an edge when competing against other candidates who have been practicing at least once daily (or weekly).

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