Pratik Sehjpal won the shopkeeper task on 14th of January 2022 and thus got rewarded the ticket to Big Boss season 15 Finale. Pratik had injuries to his nose and arms while performing the assignment, but he persevered and completed it. Thus, he was declared the winner.

The Backstory of the Task

Bigg Boss 15 has been renewed for a few more weeks. The most recent event is that Pratik Sehjpal has been appointed as the house’s new VIP. Shamita Shetty has promoted him to VIP status. Tejasswi Prakash was relegated to non-VIP status.

Pratik Sehjpal and Tejashwi Prakash competed in a Ticket To Finale assignment after the housemates selected him to be allowed in the VIP zone. Tejasswi Prakash informs her furiously why she is so interested in befriending Karan Kundra in the episode from January 13th. This sets to a vicious catfight between the two of them. Tejasswi was given a chance to redeem herself as a VIP by Bigg Boss.

The new task will now decide the outcome of the two candidates. 

Description of the ‘Ticket to Finale’ Task

Tejashwi and Prateek were responsible for making a cycle by Bigg Boss. He had to gather the components of this cycle from family members who had gone into business for themselves. According to Bigg Boss’ announcement, the housemates will be able to become shopkeepers one at a time and would be able to offer a portion of the cycle to their favourite player. The BB cycle shop was set up with two shops, one for Pratik and the other for Tejasswi. They’ll have to complete a cycle with the assistance of their fellow housemates. This task was coordinated by Shamita.

Karan Kundra helped Tejashwi.

First and foremost, Karan Kundra stepped up and was offered the opportunity to open his shop. Tejashwi received one of the bike’s tires. Tejashwi did not know how to make a cycle, so Karan Kundra and Nishant Bhat attempted to explain and guide him. Shamita Shetty was the task’s director. Shamita initially banned Karan and Nishant from assisting Tejashwi. Still, when she realised that Tejashwi didn’t know much, she told him a few things and permitted Karan to assist Tejashwi a little.

Prateek won the task.

Nishant Bhat took the stage after Karan Kundra. Nishant Bhat, after becoming a shopkeeper, offered Prateek Sahajpal a tire. Prateek began working after receiving part of the cycle from Nishant. Abhijeet Bichukale, on the other hand, added a novel twist to work. Given his connection with Prateek, it was expected that he would assist him, but instead, he gave Tejashwi the second tire for his bicycle. Despite this, Prateek was victorious in this task and received the ‘Ticket to Finale.’

Written Updates with Time of the Episode

Shamita begins today’s program by urging Karan to grasp what she is saying. She claims that only one part will be removed from the shop at a time. Shamita tells Karan not to look for loopholes. Shamita and Karan disagree. Tejasswi tries to obstruct Pratik’s path to her cycle. The buzzer sounds, and Rakhi takes Pratik’s seat. Karan, Nishant, and Rashami all claim to be on time for work. Shamita renders a favourable decision in favour of Rakhi and Pratik. Tejasswi accuses Shamita of lying. Karan argues with Shamita, claiming that he was also inside the shop. Shamita predicts that the component that emerges will win today’s mission. Shamita is referred to as a flipper by Tejasswi and Karan.

Shamita is argued with by Karan, Rashami, and Tejasswi for her arbitrary judgement. Shamita is on Devoleena’s side. Tejasswi is irritated by Devoleena. She asks Shamita to play the game fairly.

Tejasswi is asked by Pratik not to take sympathy. Tejasswi is on Karan’s side. Next, he decided to toss parts from the shop. Tejasswi is tasked with catching it by Karan. Shamita cautions Karan about breaking the rule. She argues with Tejasswi and Karan, claiming that they have already demonstrated her partiality. Tejasswi’s cycle is broken by Rakhi. Shamita is asked to halt by Karan. Rakhi takes a step back.

3:30 PM, Day 104

Bigg Boss has announced the results of the last round. Tejasswi is given a chance by Karan. Tejasswi’s cycle is broken by Pratik. Pratik is fought back by Tejasswi. Tejasswi is asked to fight by Rashami. Pratik and Tejasswi are cautioned by Nishant and Karan. Tejasswi is allegedly striking Pratik with the tool, according to Pratik.

Pratik and Tejasswi are performing well, according to Karan and Rashmi. Pratik is allegedly pouncing on Tejasswi, according to Tejasswi. Pratik refers to Tejasswi as an idiot when the latter accuses her. Tejasswi’s cycle wheel was lost by Pratik. Bigg Boss asks Shamita to announce the winner among Pratik and Tejasswi as the buzzer sounds. Tejasswi cries as she hugs Karan.

Shamita investigates the cycle of Pratik and Tejasswi. She made a favourable decision in Pratik’s favour. Pratik has been upgraded to a VIP member on Bigg Boss. Pratik expresses his gratitude to Nishant, Rakhi, Devoleena, and Shamita for their assistance. Karan compliments Tejasswi and expresses his admiration for him. Later, Pratik sobs as a result of Tejasswi’s harsh statements.

5:45 PM;

Bigg Boss warns against using English in the house. Tejasswi, Devoleena, and Rashami, he claims, also use the English language. Shamita is asked by BB to tell who uses the most. Shamita adopted Devoleena’s moniker. Bigg Boss summons the convicts to the living room. Shamita has chosen Devoleena, and she will remain silent until the following announcement. Devoleena is instructed to use a marker and a board by Bigg Boss.

Shamita tells Tejasswi that she didn’t take her mother’s name.

5:30 PM; 

Rashmi questions Abhijit why he didn’t talk to him while claiming to be willing to cooperate. Nishant was not something Abhijit wanted. Rashami refers to Abhijit as a flipper. Nishant merely wanted Pratik in, Abhijit reveals to Rashami. Nishant is confronted by Rashami about it. She is enraged at Nishant for not standing up for himself. Nishant, according to Abhijit, did not want to fight.

Following that, Pratik tells Tejasswi that her comment on his wound was terrible. He says that he was injured as a result of his ‘karma.’ Tejasswi stands up for herself. Tejasswi is described as insensitive by Pratik.

10:30 PM;

Shamita’s beauty is praised by Rakhi. Karan likes her, but Tejasswi is a stumbling block. Shamita warns Rakhi not to say anything like that because Tejasswi will be offended.

10:45 PM;

Shamita will never abandon him in any job; Rakhi assures Karan. Tejasswi chuckles. Rakhi said that if Karan sees Shamita even once, she blushes. Karan addresses Tejasswi as ‘didi,’ according to Tejasswi.

11:30 PM;

Tejasswi and Karan have a conversation together. She tells Karan that instead of blushing when Shamita’s name is mentioned, he should argue. Tejasswi and Karan had a verbal altercation. Tejasswi is asked by Karan not to give any instructions on how to react to anything. He tells Tejasswi that if she doesn’t trust him, she should back off.

12:30 AM;

Karan confronts Rakhi about her doubts about Tejasswi’s relationship. Rakhi clarifies that she was kidding with Karan and Tejasswi.

Rakhi informs Rashami and Shamita about Tejasswi’s outrage after she linked Karan’s name to Shamita.

Day 105 at 8 AM;

For inmates, a wake-up song is played.

10:30 AM;

Karan inquires as to why Rakhi is taunting him. Shamita and Rakhi are tugging at Karan’s sleeve. Karan chuckles. Shamita claims Tejasswi has caused her harm. Tejasswi is being defended by Karan. Rakhi begs him to refrain.

10:45 AM; 

Tejasswi inquires as to why Karan does not speak with Shamita in front of her. Karan informs Tejasswi of his conversation with Shamita. Tejasswi takes a step back and requests that Karan befriend Shamita.

11:45 AM; 

Shamita has arrived. Rakhi inquires about Shamita’s appearance. Karan, Tejasswi, and Rakhi share a chuckle.

1:45 PM; 

Tejasswi completed the Knorr assignment. The judges are Nishant, Tejasswi, and Shamita. Devoleena, Pratik, and Rakhi ally. Abhijit, Karan, and Rashami form a team to complete the mission. Abhijit, Karan, and Rashami are declared the winners by Nishant, Tejaswi, and Shamita.

Nishant then asks Abhijit to clean the utensils. Abhijit has stated that he will not be washing his kitchenware. Abhijit’s side is Pratik. Karan and Pratik are at odds with one another. Tejasswi decides to clean the utensil. Shamita decides to take over Abhijit’s dinner responsibilities.

1:45 AM;

 Nishant informs Pratik that Shamita has transformed. [Episode Comes to a Close]

Wrapping Up

The challenge, however, was won by Pratik Sehjpal. Pratik Fam is overjoyed since he has been waiting for this moment. He’s one of the few contestants that is playing both fairly and aggressively. His game on the show is a hit with all of the viewers. Many people believe Pratik deserves to be in the finale and win the program.

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