You must have heard about Manav Samapda which is commonly known as eHRMS.It was launched in the year 2021 by the central government and managed by NIC. It is basically a product-based e(online)-Human Resource Management System, which came into existence for all the states to manage staff/workforces through internet or electronics service by the NIC(National Informatics Centre). The first state to implement it was Jharkhand. After successful implementation in Jharkhand, it was later implemented in other states of the country such as Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh(UP), Punjab, New Delhi, Goa, Puducherry, Assam, Chandigarh, etc. Manav Sampada has two main purposes, the first is to maintain an electronic record of the service for all the workers or employees and the second is to provide a single User Id for most of the e-Governance applications in the state.

The objective of launching the portal was to facilitate the work online of the teachers and governments employees of the state. So, If the teacher and non-teaching staff want to apply for leave, then they will have to apply online on Manav Sampada Portal. So now they don’t need to visit any Govt office. Through this portal they will easily apply for leave and do other related work sitting at home. The platform can only be used by the government employees of Uttar Pradesh after login on to the portal.

Manav Sampada Portal 2022

Manav Sampada is developed to maintain the data of all human resources/ staff at a single centralized position which helps to keep track of all working employees. Later, this data is used by the government for recruitment planning, analyzing required manpower, and for other purposes like transfer and promotions of the employees. It is also used by the employee to raise a complaint related to their department if they are not satisfied in any way by raising a complaint in the online portal. So, this was the basic introduction of Manav Sampada and its need.

Benefits of Manav Sampada Portal

  • The details related to all the employees and officers of all departments of the UP government will be recorded and maintained on a single platform i.e the Manav Sampada.
  • All the Employees including teachers can apply online for leave by using this platform.
  • It also provides facilities to Health Department, as the data related to all the healthcare professionals will be updated in the portal.
  • You can check your department online through this portal.

Features of e-HRMS Manav Sampada portal

Given below are the features of the e-HRMS Portal 2022. Read carefully:

  • User management: Handle office Administrative Work, Data Entry Operator tasks, and Office Details.
  • E-Service Book: Used for employee transaction/entry.
  • Dynamic ACR: Created by Authority Department or admin and user can easily fill the form according to the format.
  • Online Tour: State Admin handles the Tour Trip and manages by filling the form.
  • Online Leave: Leave Details of Employee also managed by State Admin.
  • Annual Property Return: Records of Employee Property Details

Manav Sampada Registration 2022

The registration process for Manav Sampad 2022 has already started and is ongoing in the official website Are you wondering about the process of Manav Sampada Registration 2022 and how to apply for it? So, no need to worry about that we are here to guide you. 

Steps for registering for Manav Sampada 2022

Below are the steps are given for registering for the Manav Sampada 2022, you can follow these steps for getting registered successfully enrolled/ registered:

Step1: Go to the official website of UPSDC eRHMS i.e.

Step 2:After going to the website click on the eHRMS login and a new form will appear.

Step 3: Now enter the department id and User Id which is assigned to you by your respective department.

Step 4: Now click on the submit. That’s it, now your details will be saved in the online portal and you can log in anytime and use all the services which you want to use.

Note: If you don’t remember your password, don’t worry you can recover it by filling in your department id and user id. And, you will receive a new password on your phone number.

Now as you all know about what UPSDC eHRMS i.e Manav Sampada is let’s see the need for it in more detail by analyzing the challenges which are faced before the introduction of Manav Sampada (UPSDC eHRMS)

Challenges faced before upsdc eHrms Manav Sampada:

  • Before eHRMS was deployed, maintaining records of employee service books used to be a routine task of all firms and the records were being maintained manually by a dedicated staff of the firm. And because of the manual record-keeping process, it was observed that many entries were missing and a huge number of cases were incomplete. 
  • Also, the workload was so huge that manual entries for all the service books were quite impossible.  
  • If one of the books gets misplaced all the records are gone and it was not easy to recover all the records of service books again.
  • It was a dream for personnel or employee to see their entries and their service book in the official system.
  • It was a hard process of finding the details of the employees’ current status like posting and service details as there was no search mechanism system.

So few of the challenges faced by the establishments are given above. In order to overcome all these challenges and disadvantages, the central government introduced a system called eHRMS i.e online human resource management system (Manav Sampada).

Statistics of upsdc e-HRMS (Manav Sampada) 

Now as we all have seen the deployment of Manav Sampada. Let’s focus on some statistics which tells about the milestones achieved by HRMS in different states of the country by using this tool 

  1. Jharkhand: 

Number of Departments/Boards/Corporations Covered: 82 

Number of Offices (including field-level establishment offices): 65,611 offices

Number of Service Book in digital form (eService Book) = 1,59,782

  1. NHRC New Delhi:

Number of Departments/Boards/Corporations Covered: 1 

Number of Offices (including field-level establishment offices): 10 offices 

Number of Service Book in digital form (e-service Book) = 300

  1. Himachal Pradesh:

Number of Departments/Boards/Corporations Covered: 146 (Department / Board/Corporation) 

Number of Offices (including field-level establishment offices): 27,918 offices 

Number of Service Book in digital form (eService Book) = 2, 34,705 

  1. Bihar(Department of Forest)

Number of Departments/Boards/Corporations Covered: 1 

Number of Offices (including field-level establishment offices): 430 offices 

Number of Service Book in digital form (eService Book) = 1230 

  1. Punjab:

Number of Departments/Boards/Corporations Covered: 3 (Pilots) Under Implementation Stage 

Benefits of UPSDC eHRMS Manav Sampada

Services introduced by UPSDC HRMS(Manav Sampada)

  • Employee Annual Property Return
  • Automatic generation of the draft list for transfer
  • Training – employee selection based on criteria 
  • SMS based intimation of service book transactions
  • Online Recruitment and Pension Management.
  • Process Flow – Role-Based access – Application and User Management
  • Confidential Online ACR Submission
  • Linkage of Employee data through UID and e-Salary over Web Service
  • Submission of training/departmental exam by employee himself • ( G2C, G2B, G2E, G2G )Services
  • Manpower planning using dashboard and Transaction monitoring through graphs 
  • Online creation of orders – appointment, transfer, promotion, dismissal, termination, penalty, etc.  

Value Delivered to Citizens

  • Availability of staff strength in the particular institution at their location
  • New Joining as per institution 
  • Requirement gathering of citizen 
  • Grievance against employees – to all office levels 
  • Information regarding employee APR posted in their locality 
  • eService Book/employee Search 
  • Department wise – office/employee wise telephone directory for conveying their grievance/demand to government officials 
  • Skillset of employees posted in citizen locality, character, and departmental proceeding. 
  • Online Queries  

Value Delivered to Employees

  • eService Book viewing and verification 
  • Annual ACR 
  • Employee Pension Papers
  • Employee personal and address information 
  • Transfer/Promotion orders 
  • Annual Property Return 
  •  Employee Training and Qualification details 
  • SMS based information dissemination to employees 

Value Delivered to Government 

  • Manpower planning –Recruitment, Deployment, Retiring and Posting detail Tracking of Employee Transfer Request – Office vacancy, last 3 postings, home town, and tribal/non-tribal, with or without TTA, Relieving and Joining. Sharing of master data (office, designation, retirees, vacancy, strength, etc.) Sanction and In Position Strength, Vacancy Position.
  • Online Transfer/Promotion/Appointment Order 
  • Online Joining and Relieving 
  • Online Submission Annual Property Return 
  • Yearly Retirement Status 
  • Employee Service History with detail of all transactions 
  • Annual Increment Status, Family, Training, and Education Details 
  • Employee Photo-ID Cards (automatic generation through the Software)

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can I register in the Manav Sampada portal?

You can register in the Manav Sampada portal by going to the official website of UPSDC eHRMS gov which is You can refer to the registration process given above to get successfully registered.

2. How do I find my eHRMS ID and password?

You can find your eHRMS ID and password in your mobile number. After successful registration in upsdc ehrms Manav Sampada portal, you will get your id and password in your registered mobile number.

3. How do I log into eHRMS?

If you are already registered in upsdc ehrms Manav Sampada portal then you can log into eHRMS easily by just entering your login credentials that are your eHRMS id and password. (Note: you should not share your login credentials with anyone).

4. What is eHRMS code?

The unique code which you get into your registered mobile after registration is the eHRMS code.

5. How do I update my eHRMS service book?

If you want to see or update your eHRMS service book then you can download your eHRMS service book online by following the steps given below. And if you want to make any kind of improvement in it, then you can send a request to improve it to the concerned officer of your respective department.

Step 1: Visit the official website of eHRMS i.e. 

Step 2: Now select your respective state.

Step 3: It will redirect you to your state’s website

Step 4: Now on your state’s website you have to select your department and then click on login.

Step 5: Now select your headquarter and directorate name.

Step 6: Enter your login credentials i.e your user id and password.

Step 7:Now you will receive an OTP in your mobile number and enter it. After validation, you will be redirected to your account and you can view your account.

Step 8:Now click on the general user option.

Step 9:Now click on profile and a service book option will appear, which will be a pdf now you can’t download it.

Step 10:Following the above steps you can view your service book.

Note: If you want to make any kind of improvement in it, then you can send a request to improve it to the concerned officer of your respective department.

  1. How can I check my leave status in Manav Sampada?

You can check your leave status by using the Manav Sampada Android application or the official website. For checking the status you have to first log in using your credentials and after that, you have to select ‘Apply for leave’, now a new screen will appear. No, you have to click on check status. After clicking on check status you can easily see the status of your leave application. 


Manav Sampada (eHRMS) is basically a product-based e(online)-Human Resource Management System, which came into existence for all the states to manage staff/workforces through internet or electronics service by the NIC(National Informatics Centre). The first state to implement it was Jharkhand. And, later on, it was implemented in various other states of the country like New Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, etc. You can go through the article to know the registration and selection process briefly.

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