Notice writing is a means of communication where a printed message or information is shown or published in newspapers. A notice is written to bring some information to a group of people. It usually carries essential information about an event that is about to happen or has already happened. 

Everyone must have had to write a notice in their English classes. Some of you will be having a few doubts about the proper format and what to include in your notice. In today’s post, we will be learning how to write a notice with one or two examples.

 There are two methods for correspondence, Formal and Informal. Notice composing is a proper method for correspondence. The motivation behind notice composing is to see a specific snippet of data to a gathering. For the most part, they are stuck in any normal region where the concerned individuals can understand them. It is one of the normal techniques for correspondence.

 It gives significant data about something going to occur or has occurred. It is normally implied for a more extensive crowd and is set up in a public spot for simple availability. 

What is a Notice? 

Notice is a formal, composed or printed declaration for a gathering. It is written in an exceptionally exact language away from any additional subtleties. Fundamentally, sees are an instrument for scattering data in regards to any event or issue. 

They arrive at an enormous number of individuals quicker than expected; to that end, they are exact and brief in nature. In the event that it won’t be exact, then, at that point, the perusers probably won’t give such a lot of time just for understanding it. Furthermore, it should be a craft of an essayist that he can communicate a long message in the briefest words conceivable. Furthermore, being basic is an additional benefit.

 Ensure you do exclude any additional subtleties as it might confuse the genuine message. In a scenario where you are as yet feeling confounded, check the organization of the notification given beneath. With this, you will find out about composing a decent notification. 

Notice Writing Format

A notice is printed or written information displayed on a notice board or published in newspapers. The tone in the notice should always be formal and factual and use straightforward and standard language as it carries a piece of formal information or notification.

Notices are always to the point and do not carry unnecessary details. 

While writing a notice, some of the crucial points you should pay attention to are mentioned below:

Name of the Organisation – It alludes to the name of the foundation of which the individual composing a notification is a section. It is composed on the highest point of the page; it assists the perusers with distinguishing who gave the notification.

Title – ‘Notice’- This title says” notice’, It tells the perusers that they will peruse the notification.

  Date – The date is composed on the left corner of the notification in the wake of leaving a tile. As the notification are formal correspondence, the date of giving a notification is vital. The date should be written in an appropriate organization, which is clear and effectively reasonable.

Heading – Heading clarifies what’s going on with the notification in a nutshell. Heading ought to mirror the substance of the gathering. It is very much like a ‘subject’ of an email, which provides a rundown or motivation of the correspondence. 

Body – The body of the notification incorporates the fundamental substance for which the notification was given. The body ought to contain all the fundamental data expected in the notification like the hour of an occasion, setting of the occasion, and a date, and it should be written in an inactive voice without the utilisation of the first individual.  

Following is a summed up format of notice writing:

  • The word NOTICE should be mentioned at the top.
  • All the essential information like date, venue, time should be mentioned along with the purpose of the notice.
  • The name, signature, designation of the person issuing the notice, and the details of the organisation responsible for administering the notice should be given.
  • The notification should be in a box. 
  • The notice should not be more than 50 words. 
  • The school, organisation, or agency issuing the notification should be mentioned by name and location.
  • The reader should understand what the message is about with just a look. It must be related to the matter in concern. Give a brief and suitable heading. And then think of a strategy of action.
  • The purpose of the notice, its terms, necessary information, and other elements must all be given briefly in the body of the notice. It should be brief while still being detailed.
  • Mention the date on which the notice was administered.
  • Make it clear who you are targeting with the notice.
  • Lastly, check the notice for spelling and grammatical errors.

Example of a Notice Writing Format

                        Name of the Organization issuing the notification
(Title of the Notice)

(Body of the notice)


An Example of Notice Writing

Q) You are the head boy/ girl of your school. Your school is organizing a charity event at school on children’s day. You have to draft notice with all the information regarding the venue and setting up of stalls by students in less than 50 words. 

                                          St. Xaviers Public School Delhi
                                                 Children’s Day Fest
This is to inform all our students that on November 14th, 2022, Children’s day, our school is organizing a charity fest. There should be at least one stall from each class. All the money collected from the charity event will be donated to the orphanages. All students should take part. For more information, contact the undersigned.

Anuradha/ AnugrahHead Girl/Boy

Importance of notice writing 

One important aspect of communication in business communication is also known as formal communication. Formal letters, memos, circulars etc., are all forms of business communication. Another important tool of the same is a notice. Let us learn the meaning of notices and details of notice-writing.

Important aspects of notice writing  

Notices should cover a few significant focuses that are to be conveyed to the perusers. Allow us to sum up the five focuses that the substance of the notification will cover, the five W’s

What: What is the notification about? The notification should be clear with regards to what will occur (occasion), for sure has effectively occurred (event). This is the essence of the message and ought to be composed plainly. There ought not to be any equivocalness. 

Where: If the notification is about an occasion, then, at that point, the area of such an occasion should be composed plainly. The setting or the area is significant subtleties, so try to remember this for the notification. 

 When: This is the time and the date of the occasion or meeting. Assuming that conceivable the term of the occasion ought to likewise be referenced to individuals can plan their time in like manner.

Who: This will be who the notification is addressed to. What all’s identity is assumed to stick to the notification ought to be plainly referenced to keep away from disarray.

Whom: And last detail ought to be whom to contact or reach out to. This makes reference to who the proper authority is to contact. 

Tips to remember while writing a notice 

  • Be exact and forthright. The ideal length of notice is 50 words, so exact language is valued.
  • It is a conventional type of correspondence, so the language utilised should be formal too. No extravagant text.
  • Keep the sentences short and utilise basic words. Since sees are genuinely concise, it is ideal for keeping it straightforward.
  • Utilise an uninvolved voice quite far.
  • Present your notification in an appropriate organisation in a container. The show ought to be flawless and, along these lines, be interesting to the eye.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Notice?

A. A notice is a formal document that conveys information to the public or a selected group of people.

Q. Why do we need a notice?

A. A notice is a form of official communication. A notice aims to inform a particular group of people about an event.

Q. What are the most important key points to keep in mind when writing a notice?

A. A proper notice should mention the purpose, terms, and other vital information. It should be brief yet comprehensive. There should not be any grammatical or spelling errors. 

Q. What is the most common location for a notice?

A. Notices are most commonly posted in public locations, institutions, newspapers, and government. 

Q. When are we supposed to use notice communication?

A. Notices communication is to be used in places of formality like institutions, organisations, offices, etc. 


Notices are important as they serve the purpose of communicating with a large group of people at once. A notice can be use to announce something or also as a formal invitation.

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