Are you preparing for the IBPS Clerk exam? This comprehensive overview will give you all the information you need about this examination.It includes eligibility criteria, age limit, educational qualifications and attempts.

Document verification is carried out as part of the recruitment procedure. If any candidates are discovered to be ineligible, they are rejected. So, before applying for the exam, visit this page to see if you meet the IBPS clerk eligibility criteria 2022.

IBPS Clerk Eligibility Criteria 2022

Check the IBPS clerk eligibility requirements for 2022.

Nationality / Citizenship

To meet the requirements of nationality under the IBPS clerk eligibility standards 2022, a Candidate must:

  • an Indian citizen or
  • A Nepalese subject or
  • a Bhutanese subject or
  • a Tibetan Refugee who came to India before January 1, 1962, intending to stay permanently or
  • An Indian national who has emigrated from Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, East African nations of Kenya, Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania(formerly Tanganyika and Zanzibar), Zambia, Malawi, Zaire (now DR Congo), Ethiopia and Vietnam to settle in India.

A person who the Government of India authorizes to act in categories (ii), (iii), (iv) and (v) above must be a person for whose benefit a certificate of eligibility has been issued.

IBPS Clerk Educational Qualification:

Degree: According to the IBPS Clerk eligibility standards 2022, a candidate must have a degree (Graduation) in any subject from a government-recognized institution in India. Candidates with any recognized equivalent attainment by the Central Government are also eligible to apply.

Other Requirements: Candidates must have a solid understanding of computer systems. Candidates must be able to run as well as work with computers. This requires that applicants have:

  • Must have a bachelor’s degree/diploma/certificate in computer science, information technology, or a related field. Must have studied computer/information technology as part of high school/university/college coursework.

Proficiency in Local Language: Candidates must also be fluent in the language of the state from which they are applying. This implies that the applicants should read, write, and speak the official language of the state of union territory from which they are using.

  • Candidates must convert the college’s/university’s CGPA or OGPA into a percentage, up to two places of decimal, and enter it in the application form in cases where it is provided.
  • Candidates must also submit a certificate attesting to the university’s grade-to-percentage conversions and percentages of marks earned, as well as being signed by an authorized official.
  • Candidates must submit a relevant document, signed by the appropriate authority, in original and explicit reference to the candidate’s date of passing, for candidates from institutions that provide web certificates or publish exam results online.
  • Candidates should include the percentage obtained in Graduation, to the nearest two decimals, in their online applications. When a CGPA / OGPA is given, it should be converted into a percentage shown in the online application. A certificate must be produced by the candidate from the proper authority verifying that University standards on grade conversion into the percentage of marks earned by the applicant in terms of norms are met.
  • Veterans who do not meet the following requirements may enrol at a military institution: Those with graduation certificates from secondary school or equivalent. They must have served in the Armed Forces for at least 15 years before being eligible to take the examination.

IBPS Clerk Age Limit:

The following are the criteria for eligibility to sit for the IBPS clerk exam in 2022:

  • Another criterion that may disqualify a candidate is their age.
  • To take the IBPS Clerk Exam, you must be at least 20 years old and no older than 28.

Although the IBPS Clerk notification has established a minimum age, there are exceptions for specific groups.

Relaxation of Upper Age limit :

An upper age limit relaxation for SC / ST / OBC candidates is permitted cumulative; only one of the remaining categories are permissible as indicated above.

CategoryAge Relaxation
SC/ST5 years
OBC3 years
PWD10 years
Ex-Servicemen / Disabled Ex-ServicemenThe active period of service in the defence forces, including all additions and deductions that may be made; 3 years (8 years for Disabled ExServicemen belonging to SC/ST) subject to a maximum age limit of 50 years
Widows, divorced women, and single women who are not remarrying because their marriages have not been annulled9 years
Persons affected by 1984 riots5 years
Union Carbide Factory, Bhopal staff not selected for the project (Only applicable to Madhya Pradesh) retired from service.5 years

IBPS Clerk Eligibility Criteria 2022 for PWD Candidates:

The Reservation provisions of “The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016” are set out under section 34. People with benchmark impairments are entitled to a reservation, and there are specific IBPS clerk eligibility criteria requirements for them. The following categories of disabilities have been designated as reserved by this legislation:

  • OC category-A person’s inability to perform unique tasks connected with the movement of oneself and things caused by illness or injury to the musculoskeletal or nervous systems, including Cerebral Palsy, Leprosy, Cured, Dwarfism, Muscular Dystrophy, and Acid Attack Victims.
  • VI category- Candidates who are blind or have low vision are on this list.
  • HI, category- Candidates who are hard of hearing or have difficulty understanding speech in noisy background situations also fall into this category.
  • ID category- This category includes individuals with intellectual impairments.

Guidelines for persons with Benchmark Disabilities using a Scribe:

Candidates who are blind or have low vision and those whose writing speed is slowed down can benefit from scribing according to the IBPS clerk eligibility criteria for 2022.

  • Candidates may use the scribe arrangement as they choose.
  • It’s possible to bring a scribe from any academic discipline.
  • The scribe must submit a valid undertaking from the candidate and himself, both of whom must declare that they fulfil all necessary eligibility requirements for a scribe. If the IBPS finds out that the applicant does not qualify, their candidature may be cancelled.
  • Candidates with the scribe will have an additional 20 minutes for each hour of the examination.
  • The scribe should not be preparing for the IBPS clerk examination. Otherwise, both candidatures will be cancelled by the IBPS.
  • Candidates must explicitly request a scribe in their applications if they are qualified and wish to have one. The IBPS will not accept late requests.
  • The compensation time is only granted if the applicants request it. As a result, the benefit is not offered if the candidates have not applied for it.

Guidelines for persons with Locomotor Disability and Cerebral Palsy:

The IBPS clerk eligibility criteria 2022 specifies that 20 minutes per hour is allowed as compensatory time, only for those with a minimum 40% disability.

Guidelines for persons with Visual Impairment:

The following are the criteria for an applicant to be eligible for the VI category of the IBPS exam:

  • Candidates who are blind or have a visual disability and obtain at least 40% magnification are permitted to examine in the magnified font. They may also receive 20 minutes of compensatory time for every hour worked.
  • Finally, visually impaired candidates with a scribe are not permitted to view the test in a magnified font.

Guidelines for persons with Intellectual Disability:

The following is a quote from the 2022 IBPS Eligibility Criteria for Clerks, which states that only people with a minimum of 40% intellectual disability (whether scribe or not), including those with autism, mental illness, and specific learning disability, are eligible to take compensatory time.

IBPS Clerk Attempts

There are no restrictions in the IBPS Clerk Recruitment on the number of attempts. Candidates may take the examination as many times as they like, regardless of the category they are applying for.


Q. Is there a limitation on the number of attempts for the IBPS clerical exam?

A. The number of tries in the IBPS Clerk Exam is unlimited.

Q. What’s the minimum age of work as an IBPS clerk?

A. Candidates should be between the ages of 20 and 28.

Q. How do I register for the IBPS Clerk Exam?

A. You may take the IBPS Clerk exam in either a paper or online mode.

Q.The IBPS Clerk Exam is Difficult?

A. No. The level of the IBPS Clerkship Exam will be moderate to easy. Candidates may expect to pass this test with a solid study plan and preparation.

Q. What educational requirements do you need to become an IBPS clerk?

A. According to the IBPS Clerk eligibility, candidates should have at least a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. Computer proficiency is required.


This article gave you in-depth information about the Eligibility Criteria for applicants attempting to sit for the IBPS Clerk exam. Candidates must meet all of the requirements mentioned here in order to be considered. Any deviation from this can result in their application being rejected

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