Indian Railways has established an online Human Resource Management System that is totally digital (HRMS). It is a high-priority initiative aimed at boosting productivity and employee happiness. It is a step toward accomplishing a digitally empowered society by increasing the efficiency and productivity of the railway system. 

This application will be a single point of contact for railway staff and administration. Employees of Indian Railways can now access data linked to their jobs and contact with management to request adjustments if necessary.

What is included in the HRMS application?

Employees of Indian Railways can now access data linked to their jobs and contact with management to request adjustments if necessary. It improves the administration’s transparency. 

  • Biodata 
  • Record of service and salary
  • Promotions, transfer and postings
  • Increment, awards and training given
  • Pass, PTO

Access the HRMS portal with the below link : 

Desktop or PC :

Mobile :

Steps to register and login the Railway employee portal

Step 1. First time users click on ‘Need help for login?’ 

Step 2. In the “IPAS ID” box, type your IPAS ID and press the “Go” button.

Your PAS ID is the PF or Employee number, which may be found on your pay slip. The same can be inquired about under the Account section.

Step 3. For future usage, copy or memorise the HRMS ID/Login ID. 

It is the username to be typed during successive login.

Details such as HRMS ID, Employee Name, Designation, Registered Mobile Number, Department, Railway Unit, and Email ID will be presented after pressing the “Go” button. 

Note :  If your information isn’t in the HRMS site, contact the DC of Bill Section, clerk dealing with the personnel branch. 

Step 4. Login with your HRMS ID and password.

HRMS ID is the user ID and the password is ‘Test@123’ for 1st time users. 

After entering Username and Password, click Login. You will get an OTP on your registered mobile number. This OTP will be valid for one week after it is received.  

Step 5. Enter the OTP

If you don’t receive an OTP on your phone, double-check your registered phone number. If your mobile number is right, then click the “Resend OTP Click Here” link underneath the “Verify OTP” button.

Or else call HRMS help desk – 7267910583, 9953780947 for OTP.

Step 6. Verification of OTP

Employees can access the HRMS portal after successfully verifying their OTP. 

After the initial login, employees will be directed to change their password. Change your password and save it somewhere for future use. 

Step 7. Congratulations, You’ve accessed the HRMS portal.

Steps to register and login the portal for retired employees: 

Step 1.  To begin, go to HRMS Railway’s official website. The home page will now appear on the screen.

Step 2. Click “Retired Employee Registration” on the homepage. A new popup box will appear once clicked.

Step 3. Fill in your PPO number, birthday and press the Go button.

Step 4. If a user isn’t already enrolled in HRMS, click ‘Register’ and enter a 10-digit mobile phone number.

Step 5. Select Send OTP from the drop-down menu.

Step 6. After providing the right OTP to register in HRMS, the cellphone number will be provided.

Please contact the HRMS support if you have any problems 

Issues relating : 

  1. Application – 7786940452 ,9971535534, 7982542883
  2. OTP – 7267910583, 9953780947
  3. Epass – 9891643886, 9069161539, 9971168228
  4. Write to


1. What exactly is an HRMS portal?

Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) or a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) assists HR professionals in automating repetitive operations in HR workflows such as collecting and storing resumes, saving candidates to the talent pool, automating job postings, and so on.

2. What is a railway E pass?

The E-Privilege Pass/PTO module would be available to all Indian Railways service workers at first, and can be used to order physical tickets at PRS/UTS counters as well as online tickets through IRCTC.

3. What are the steps for registering a retired railway employee with HRMS?

Click on Retired Employee Mobile Change at Fill in your PPO number, birth date, and name. In the system, the assigned HRMS Id and mobile number must be presented. To input a new mobile number, pick the pass issuing railway, upload the document, and submit, click the “Change mobile number” option.

4. Where can I get the HRMS ID in the railway?

This feature is available on a computer. HRMS ID can be found at: – I A message from the HRMS portal was received on the IPAS registered mobile number. Click on ‘Need Help for Login’ on the following website:

5. Where can I look for my HRMS ID and password?

You must use the ‘Unable to Access my Account’ link to request a new password. This URL can be found on the HRMS login page. Within 7 days of receiving your request, CMGI will provide you a new Password as well as your User-Id.

Conclusion :

These are the general guidelines and steps to register oneself in the Railway employee login portal. Other important details and information regarding new updates are provided in the official website.

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