The Indian cricket team selectors are in a bit of a pickle after the very sudden announcement of Virat Kohli Leaving Test Captaincy. This shocking Virat Kohli news came after India’s 2-1 series loss to South Africa. 

Virat took to social media to write a post. In his post, the 33-year-old stated that he cannot be dishonest with his teammates and continue with the “Kohli captaincy” without giving his all. It has always been his principle to give his all and more in everything he does, and if he isn’t able to do that, it’s not the right thing to do. He further stated that he has absolute clarity in his heart and that he couldn’t be dishonest to his team. 

What came after the end of the Kohli captaincy was quite expected. The Twitterati was pretty emotional and went down memory lane celebrating his wins as a captain. Kohli is fourth on the list of captains with the most Test victories, behind Graeme Smith (53) of South Africa and Ricky Ponting (43), and Steve Waugh (41) of Australia.

Who Comes Next In Line?

Rohit Sharma, the vice-captain will probably be chosen as the next captain based on his age and experience so far. However, former cricketers are rooting for KL Rahul for this huge responsibility. Rishabh Pant, being the only other long-term contender, is also a suspected candidate for the Test captain. Ricky Ponting, former Australian captain believes Rohit Sharma would be the more obvious choice unless the BCCI wants two different captains for white and red-ball cricket. 

The ICC Review

Ponting and Isa Guha had a rather interesting conversation during the course of an interview on the first episode of The ICC Review. Ricky said that he thinks that the proof of Kohli being an extremely talented captain is very well out there; the proof being about what he has done at the Mumbai Indians (winning five IPL titles). He goes on to say that Virat Kohli’s captaincy is a prime example of good leadership especially when he led India to victory and glory. 

Ricky Ponting recalls a statement he made at the beginning of his career. He said that if one has to take on a captaincy role, then he/she has to make sure they are on point all the time. He now says that it is pretty hard to argue now keeping in consideration the effects of Kohli’s captaincy in Test matches over the last 3 years. He goes on to compliment Kohli as a phenomenal player. He further applauds Kohli’s talent as a white-ball player. On the other hand, Ponting agrees that the BCCI has an important decision to make and it is their decision entirely to keep the same captain for all match formats.

His Opinion On Other Options

Due to Rohit’s injury, he was unable to travel to South Africa, and when Kohli was unavailable for the second Test, Rahul assumed command. Ponting, when asked about the other options, said that he has worked with Ajinkya. He showers him with friendly compliments, calling him a “great bloke” and a very good player. He continues by saying that Ajinkya hasn’t had his best cricket era yet in Tests, but he is a very capable player judging from his leadership skills in the series against Australia last summer. 

When asked about his opinion on KL Rahul, he says that he didn’t know him very well but has heard his name being raised in a couple of friendly cricket conversations. All obviously good remarks; about him being a terrific guy, and that he’s playing very well. He has even started to display a really good Test record. His record is impressive when light is shed on the matches played overseas.

Ponting’s Take on the End of The Legendary Kohli Captaincy

When Kohli resigned as Test captain, Ponting was taken aback. Kohli stepping down as captain came as a shock to him. He recalls catching up with Kohli during the first half of the IPL season before it got postponed. In that conversation, Kohli did tell Ponting that he would step away from captaincy when it came to white-ball cricket. He was really passionate about being the Test match captain. Ponting said that Kohli really loved that job with a fire of passion. Hence, the news was quite strange to hear.

The renowned batsman continues to say that it was no doubt that the Test team has achieved a lot under Kohli’s captaincy. It would take only an hour of watching him on the field to realize how passionate he was about that job. It just shows how much he wants the team to win and how much he wants the best for the future of Indian cricket.

Ponting recalls his captaincy days and starts understanding why Kohli took such a decision. He thinks that he played a few more years more than he actually should have. Even as a captain, he felt he overstayed his role as a leader. He also said that there is definitely a shelf-life for international cricket captains or even coaches for that matter. Kohli’s time as a player lasted for 7 long but glorious years. Ricky then says that if there is any country that is hard to captain, it would be India because of the reputation of the game. The game is really popular and every single Indian puts a lot of hopes and expectations into the fortunes of Indian cricket. 

Wins Under Kohli’s Captaincy

The legendary batsman praised Kohli’s captaincy, even going so far as to say that they were “staggering” in comparison to Australia’s efforts under his captaincy. Kohli has the right to be proud of what he has accomplished as captain, according to Ponting, given his Test record. Kohli has captained India in more Tests (68) and won more matches (40) than any other Indian captain. Before Virat Kohli Leaving Test Captaincy, India only lost five of the 24 series they played.


India has never lost a single series in the country before Virat Kohli Leaving Test Captaincy. Out of a total of 31 games, the team only lost 2. India managed to win 16 of their 36 matches away from home. This yields a win percentage of 44.44, which is the highest percentage for any Indian or Asian cricket captain who has supervised their team in at least 10 matches.

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