For English, Reasoning, Quantitative aptitude –


Reasoning Ability

Quantitative Aptitude

Articles & prepositions

Number series

Data interpretations based on various arithmetics theories

Cloze Tests

Alphabet Test

Boats & Streams

Reading comprehension

Arithmetical Reasoning, Classification


Sentence correction

Clocks & Calendars

Decimal & Fractions.

Fill in the Blanks

Data Sufficiency


Para substitution

Deriving Conclusions from Passages

Data sufficiency

Para Jumble

Direction and distance Sense Test



Inserting The Missing Character



Time sequence test

Mixtures & Allegations

Choosing the appropriate word

Analytical reasoning

Compound Interest

Spelling check

Cause and effect Input and output arrangements

Time, Speed and Distance

Idioms & Phrases

Seating arrangements

Profit and Loss

Completion of a Sentence.

Coded inequalities

Permutation and Combination

One-word substitution

Decision making


Sentence arrangements

Logical Sequence of Words

Data Interpretation and sufficiency (will include Pie charts, Data table, Bar Graphs, Line graphs, Mixed graphs, case study etc.)

Subject-Verb Agreement

Logical Venn Diagrams

Permutation & Combination


Statement – Conclusions

Problems on Ages

Theme detection

Theme Detection, Alphabet numbers

Problems on Trains

Voice change

Series Test, Syllogism





Direct and indirect sentences


Time and Work

Blood Relations

Volume & Surface

Odd one out Number



Number system and simplification

Statement and assumptions

Unitary Method

Course of action

Problem-based on numbers

Passage and conclusion test

Ratio and Proportion

Assertion and reason Statement and course of action


 For Professional Knowledge –

Systems Officer/IT Officer:

  • Computer Networks and Basic Programing Languages (C, C++, Java)
  • DataBase Management Systems (DBMS), Basic concepts of Software and Hardware, Data Structures
  • Computer Organization, Computer Networks, Network Programming, Algorithms, Digital Electronics, Web Technologies
  • Operating system & amp, System programming
  • Compiler design
  • Software engineering
  • Information Systems and Software Engineering etc.

Law Officer:

  • Banking Regulated Laws
  • Banking Security Laws
  • Negotiable Instruments
  • Ethics and Corporate Governance in Banking
  • Financial Analysis
  • Banking Operational Laws
  • Banker-Customer Relations
  • Electronic Banking, Loans and Advances
  • Compliance and Legal Aspects, Security Types
  • Regulatory Frameworks etc.

Finance Officers:

  • Direct and Indirect Taxes
  • Cost Accounting Concepts
  • Management Accounting Concepts
  • Basic Accounting concepts and principles
  • Accounting Standards
  • Auditing standards
  • Indian Capital Market, Mutual Funds, Foreign Exchanges, Auditing etc.


  • Basic Statistical Methods and Inference
  • Time-series forecasting, Sampling Concepts
  • Uni-Variate Data, Bi-Variate Data  Variance Analysis
  • Banking-Insurance
  • Financial Market
  • Foreign Exchanges, Forecasting Portfolio 
  • Simple Regression, Multiple Regression
  • Sampling Distribution, Estimations Theory etc.

Chartered Accountant: 

  • Accounting Standards, Accounting Guidance Note, Financial Report Standards
  • Indian Accounting Standards, Corporate Financial Reporting
  • Accounting and Reporting of Financial Instrument
  • Share-based Payment, Liability Valuation, Share, Business valuation
  • Inflation Accounting
  • Indian Capital Market, Mutual Funds, Foreign Exchanges, Auditing etc.

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