We will share some strategies to help you crack SBI SO in 3 months. SBI SO is among the most competitive exams, and for this exam, practise makes it perfect. SBI SO represents the State Bank of India Specialist Officer Exam, a preliminary exam conducted by SBI (State bank of India). This article suggests 7 tips to help you get through the SBI SO exam in three months.

The SBI SO exam can be challenging because there are many complex questions with tricky wording, but success should not be too hard to come by if you follow these steps.

Before preparing for SO, candidates must be conversant with the bank SO curriculum. The suggestions provided in this article will also assist applicants in achieving success in other banks SO tests and excelling at them. This post will give some guidelines that, if followed, can help you obtain an SBI Score Card within 90 days/3 months.

SBI SO Preparation 2022: An Overview

You should know a little about the SBI SO exam before we get into the SBI SO study tips. The details of the examination are as follows and must be noted:

Name of exam SBI SO
Exam conducting bodyState Bank of India
PostSpecialist cadre officer
Exam levelNational
Exam frequencyAnnual
Exam stagesShortlistingInterview
Exam modeOnline
Official websitehttps://www.sbi.co.in/

How to Crack SBI SO 2022?

To consider the vast range of topics covered in various competitive examinations might be challenging to know what to study. To be prepared for any competitive analysis, you must first understand its exam pattern or the number of sections in the paper. SBI SO Paper-I consists of three parts, whereas SBI SO Paper-II is based on your course. The SBI SO exam pattern varies from different courses. Once you know the paper format well, you can locate the best SBI SO preparation strategy/advice to pass the examination. The following sections make up the SBI SO exam:

  • English Language
  • Reasoning Ability
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Professional Knowledge

We’ll walk through each of these components in detail in the following parts.

Tips For The English Language

It’s possible to do well in the English Language section with a bit of effort. To succeed, you must have a careful attitude toward grammar and linguistics, and you’re ready to go. Please do not take this area for granted because it may assist you in gaining high ratings in your entire paper. We’ll go through the steps you should take to start preparing for the SBI SO exam. Follow our recommended SBI SO study approach to get started:

  • To improve your word-forming ability, practice writing essays and letters.
  • To have a strong knowledge of the language, speak it in English.
  • Create a reading habit.
  • Maintain your write-ups if you’re able to. Regular writing improves sentence structure.
  • When you come across new words or vocabs, please note them so that you may incorporate them into your future writings.
  • To help you enhance your English writing and listening abilities, watch films and series in English.

Tips For Reasoning Ability

One of the most challenging sections of SBI SO is the reasoning ability test. To pass this portion, you’ll need a solid and planned study strategy. The reasoning ability section asks that you have a solid understanding and the capacity to reason logically. You may use the preparation plan shown below to tailor your SBI SO preparation:

  • The first thing to remember when preparing for this portion is to keep the crucial chapters separate.
  • Begin with the more challenging aspects and finish them first, then move on to the simpler ones.
  • Make notes. Notes aid last-minute editing.
  • Make a note of the totals or steps as you go, and this aids in improved memory recall.
  • Always strive to comprehend things.
  • To get a progressive hang of the topics, practice regularly.
  • Take mock tests as often as possible.

Tips For Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative aptitude can help you achieve excellent grades if you prepare carefully. All you need is a firm grasp of your fundamentals in mathematics. You can get through this section with a little more practice if you have a good understanding of academic math. Do not feel restrained in quantitative aptitude because we provide you with the general SBI SO preparation advice to assist you out of this dilemma:

  • Take things one step at a time. Do not attempt to address several issues at the same time.
  • Please take a look at all of the solvable examples before tackling them, and this will clear your mind.
  • Please make a list of all the activities in one spot so that you may refer to it when the moment comes.
  • Practice daily if possible.
  • Take mock examinations regularly.
  • As much as possible, practise previous year’s exams.
  • Place the notes containing formulas in a spot where you can check them frequently. It will assist you in comprehending the procedures.

Tips For Professional Knowledge

The professional knowledge varies depending on the subject. Papers for IT and Finance programs such as Data Communication and Networking, Software Engineering, Law, Object-oriented programming, Data Structure, Statistic, Operating System, Database Management System, Compiler Design are included in this section. The following are some general preparation advice and methods:

  • Develop a habit of writing notes.
  • Revise often.
  • Make a study timetable.
  • Do not go overboard.
  • Never go for rote learning.
  • Clear your concepts before starting with any topic.
  • Practice previous year’s papers.
  • Take mock tests.
  • Take proper rest.
  • Divide your study timing according to different topics.

Preparation Tips for SBI SO Preliminary and Mains Exams

  • Revise previous-year question papers.

The primary goal of your study schedule should be to improve your skills in the essential areas. It would help if you concentrated on critical subjects for revision. They should put their all into topics that carry a high weight in the SBI PO prelims exam.

  • Use short tutorials to update it.

For bank exam preparation, there are a lot of video lessons available online. Short film lessons are pretty helpful for review.

  • Make a list of section-specific preparation hints.

There is a set duration for each section. You must have a straightforward approach to attempting each component to maximise the number of questions you can try. If you want to take the Reasoning Ability section, you need to think about what sorts of questions you’ll answer first before attempting it. For example, one may spend the first five minutes on puzzle-based questions, the next two on direction-based questions, and so on.

  • Examine mock exams

During preparation, you should attempt both sectional and full-length mock tests, and it would help if you didn’t try too many mock tests in the final preparation phase. After each mock test, you must assess your performance, and it would help determine where you have weaknesses and aim to improve them.

  • Make sure you’re clear on your ideas.

It would help if you were crystal clear about the ideas. The SBI PO syllabus is at a high-school level, and you can easily remove their quantitative aptitude and grammar rules from their high school texts.

  • Devise section-wise preparation strategy

It would be favourable if you created a plan for each exam portion. It should structure the study plan to devote an equal amount of time to each examination section.

  • Learn shortcuts

You should master shortcut methods for answering questions. Learning shortcuts will allow you to answer as many questions as possible in less time since there are sectional timings.

  • Increase the number of repetitions.

You may take as many sectional exams as you want and one mock test every day. For the most significant outcomes, practice on the computer.

  • Minimum guesswork.

In the SBI PO exam, incorrect answers are penalised. As a result, you are advised to avoid guessing.

  • Don’t waste time on any single question.

Do not get caught up in any questions when taking the exam. If you cannot comprehend the question, then leave it that way. When attempting problems based on puzzles, be careful.


That’s all regarding SBI SO Preparation 2022. These suggestions will undoubtedly assist you in getting a high score on the exam. Make an exact plan of how you intend to study, and you won’t have to look further. Never feel that your SBI SO Preparation is complete while doing it. Here, more is always less! Prepare yourself before taking the exam by first making yourself ready. If your mind is well-trained, half of your job has been completed. Do not neglect to practice test papers and take mock tests as you continue with your SBI SO Preparation. 

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