Candidates who wish to pursue a career in the banking sector may find it to be an excellent opportunity. In India, thousands of aspiring candidates are chosen for various positions such as Probationary Officer (PO), Clerical Assistant, and Specialist Officer (SO) in different regional and public sector banks after passing numerous banking examinations. The number of posts determines the difficulty level of each bank examination. We’ve outlined India’s top 10 best bank exams that potential banking applicants may take. 

Although most PO/SO jobs are advertised, most banks conduct paper trials to narrow their search. Preliminary, main, and interview selections are usually based on preliminary exams, main examinations, and interviews for different banks in PO/SO posts.

Top 10 bank exams in India Which is the best bank exam to prepare for 2022?

The bank recruitment bodies SBI, IBPS, and RBI administer various tests. The following are the top 10 bank exams that aspiring candidates should prepare for in 2022:

SBI POIDBI Bank Specialist Cadre Officer
SBI ClerkIBPS Clerk

Here’s a little something about all the ten exams:

IBPS exams: Top 10 bank exams

The Institute of Bankers’ Professional Studies (IBPS) is an independent organisation that administers bank recruitment examinations. The exams are given in the following areas and qualifications:


The IBPS PO (Probationary Officer) is in charge of the bank’s operations, including supervision of employees and business development. The Probationary Officer examination is divided into preliminary, main, and interview. To be chosen, a candidate must pass all three tests.

The English language test, a numerical ability test, and logical reasoning are part of the preliminary assessment. The IBPS main examinations evaluate your logical thinking, computer aptitude, English abilities, data analysis and interpretation, and general/economic awareness.

2. IBPS Clerk

The job of an IBPS clerk is to input data and other clerical jobs that arise during the bank.

The preliminary, main, and interview parts of the IBPS Clerk Test are identical to those of the PO Test. The preliminary exam features English language, numerical ability, and logic tests similar to the PO examination. The main examination includes reasoning and computer aptitude, English abilities, data analysis and interpretation, and general/economic awareness tasks.

A candidate must obtain a minimum cut-off to be considered at their preferred bank.


The IBPS SO exam is conducted annually by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS). This test is used to select professional librarians (SOs) from various public banks. IBPS conducts the Common Written Examination (CWE). The agency is recruiting civil servants and employees through  CWE.


The RBI conducts the RRB to select candidates for various Group A and B posts, such as Officers Scale I, II, III, and Office Assistant (Multipurpose). Preliminary and main examinations are used to pick individuals for the office assistant job. Prelims, mains, and interviews are used to choose candidates for Officers Scale I. Candidates for Officers Scale II and III are selected based on a single online test and interview.

SBI exams: Top 10 bank exams

Although SBI is a public bank, it uses the IBPS exam to hire employees. Given the bank’s reputation, SBI employment opportunities are highly sought after. The following SBI bank examinations are available:


The bank administration, supervision of clerical work, and promoting the bank’s business interests are all responsibilities of the SBI PO. The preliminary, main, and interview portions of the SBI PO examinations must be cleared before taking your final exam.

The first examinations are designed to screen for English language, numerical skills, and logical reasoning. The main exam consists of two parts: objective and descriptive. The section on objectives discusses economic reasoning and computer aptitude, data analysis and interpretation, general/economic awareness, and the English language. The descriptive section covers letter and essay writing.

A candidate must pass a group exercise and interview to be eligible for the merit list. The final merit list is the main examination score and the group exercise/interview aggregate.

6. SBI Clerk

The SBI clerk spends a good deal of time entering data and interacting directly with the bank’s clients.

Like the SBI PO tests, the clerk exam will include a preliminary, main, and interview. The English language portion of the test will be evaluated. The objective sections of the main exams have reasoning and computer aptitude, data analysis and interpretation, general/economic knowledge, and English language. At the same time, letter and essay writing skills are covered in the descriptive section.

RBI exams: Top 10 bank exams

The Reserve Bank of India, often known as RBI (Reserve Bank of India), is the central bank for the Indian government. Working for a bank means that you are assisting the nation somehow. Being connected to a bank is very prestigious. To work with the RBI, you may take examinations for the following jobs:

7. RBI Grade B Officer

The Grade B officer is a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) novice manager. The Grade B Officer examination consists of a preliminary exam, the main examination, and a personal interview. The prelims assess your breadth of knowledge, quantitative ability, logical thinking, and English language abilities. The main questions are economic and social concerns, English language, finance and management, economics and statistics. General Awareness is among the personal interview’s focuses.

8. RBI Assistant

The RBI Assistant is in charge of bank data entry and day-to-day operations. This consists of a preliminary and the main level, both of which must be passed to reach the ultimate level – the language proficiency test. The initial test assesses reasoning skills, numerical skills, and English. Reasoning ability, computer knowledge, English language tests, general awareness,  and quantitative aptitude are all part of the Mains examination. Candidates must pass a mains exam and then take a language proficiency test in the state’s official language, after which they must qualify.

9. NABARD Recruitment for Grade ‘A’ Officer

The NABARD exam for an assistant manager (grade ‘A’ officer) includes a preliminary, main, and interview. The preliminary test consists of the following sections: mathematics, reasoning, English language, computer aptitude, general knowledge, economic and social issues, and agriculture and rural development. The Mains are open to those who complete the prelims.

The paper for the mains covers expressive composing abilities in English, economic and social issues alongside agribusiness and rural improvement for general posts and agriculture issues for applicants applying for manager agriculture post, and lawful administrations: capability in deciphering different laws viz., banking, organisation, industrial and cooperative laws, cyber laws, business/property exchanges, rural non-life insurance, direct financing, staff matters and so on.

The interview process, which comprises four stages, is the final stage. The merit list for the NABARD recruitment is generated by combining the scores from each phase.

10. IDBI Bank Specialist Cadre Officer

Thanks to the benefits associated with working for a government bank, the IDBI profession is beautiful. In different functional areas, candidates may apply for Specialist Cadre Officer in the career of an IDBI bank employee.

The test comprises two parts: an online exam and an interview. The online exam includes reasoning, English language, quantitative aptitude, general/banking awareness, and stream-specific questions. To qualify for the interview at the end stage, one must clear all levels.


  1. How to apply for Public Sector Bank Exams 2022?

Several different public sector banks publish recruitment notifications for various jobs. Candidates can go to these PSBs to learn more about their requirements and apply online for the test.

  1. What are the various types of Bank Exams?

Every year, millions of individuals attempt to pass Bank Exams like the Reserve Bank Grade B, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, SBI SO and other such exams to be hired in one of these well-known posts in the banking sector in India. Every bank position comes with a variety of perks and incentives in India.

  1. Which bank exam is easy?

The simplest to pass all the banking exams is the IBPS RRB – Regional Rural Bank tests.

  1. Is there any interview for the bank clerk?

The IBPS and SBI Clerks Test does not include an interview stage. The final result is declared immediately following the main exam in January-February every year as a part of the Selection Process.

  1. Which is better, PO or Clerk?

The hierarchy of position, salary, and job role is the primary distinction between a bank PO and a bank clerk. The PO is a higher-ranking position than a clerk.


After graduation, banking is a great profession. SBI PO, SBI Clerk, and IBPS PO are popular bank exams. Here are the top 10 best banking examinations available for applicants. There are about a million applicants for these bank tests every year. However, owing to the scarcity of bank employment openings, there is intense competition to be considered for the final list.

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