Investing in Real Estate and Properties or Immovable assets is one of the most important investments in the Financial Sectors of India. Everyone feels buying property is the best way to invest money. Property is also one of the necessities of a person in today’s time as everyone needs a home to live in. Actively Using the UP Property Registration Services will save a lot of time and money.

Buying Property is not that easy in India. One should have all the documents and Id Proofs to buy any Property in India. Also, one has to get the property registered with the concerned authorities to officially take possession.

What is Registration of Property?

Property Registration in India is the process of registering a Property owned by an individual, trust, company, partnership, educational institutions, religious institutions, and department of government. The procedure of registration starts with the application form submission to the concerned authorities. After the application is verified and approved, the details of the property are registered like the deed, description, survey map, etc. 

After the registration of the Property, the concerned department will issue a title document for the same. The title document contains the details after the property is registered, the concerned authorities will issue a title document for the same. The title document contains the details of the property registered like the name of the applicant, address, etc. The ownership of the property was transferred from the old owner to the new owner through the title document. The new owner will use this title document to register his new property.

Why a Property should be Registered?

One can’t be the official owner of the Property until that person gets the property registered with concerned authorities. To take actual possession of the immovable asset, an individual has to get the property registered with the registrar by submitting all the required documents and paying the stamp duties according to the deed. It is a very lengthy process and a lot of paperwork and a lot of appointments are needed to get the property registered.

To make this process easy UP government has introduced an online portal to get the property registered in very easy steps without any mess with the documents and with minimum paperwork. 

Why a Person should Buy a Property?

Buying property is the best investment you can make. The return on investment you derive from buying property is much greater than you get from any other investment you can do. Property can give you a return in two forms. The first is the appreciation of the value of the property and the other is by lending the property for rental use or can give someone on lease. This can act as a passive income for people and provide a return on investment.

The government is trying to bring a change in the property buying system. The reason for this change is that most people have had to face the problem of not having enough money to buy a house. The government has decided to provide the opportunity to buy a property through the property buyer’s portal. By using this portal, anyone who wants to buy a property can buy it with ease and in a hassle-free manner.

How a Property can Be Bought?

Property can be bought in India from the Government and other people. You can buy property from the government in the form of a Housing Scheme or any other scheme. If you buy government property through any Housing Scheme, you will first have to take possession of the property.

In any of the cases, it is mandatory to get it registered. For all this process UP Government has introduced a portal system known as IGRSUP.

What is IGRSUP?

IGRSUP stands for Integrated Grievance Redressal System UP which is a portal of the Stamp and Registration Department. This is an online portal system where you can get the property registered from the government in very easy steps with the help of various online services. One doesn’t have to go in for all the complicated steps and procedures. You can register the property in a few easy steps with the help of the online system. You can also get all the other documents related to the property registered like the deeds, etc through this online system.

It also helps in getting information about different properties. All the details can be accessed from this system and also can buy properties through this portal.

Actively Using the UP Property Registration Services will save a lot of time and money. You don’t have to go to different authorities and submit all the documents and pay the money. Just log in to the IGRSUP portal and start your registration process. You will have to provide your basic details and upload all the required documents and submit the payment.

How to Get your Property Registered on IGRSUP?

To Register your property through the online portal, one has to follow the following steps:-

  • Visit the Official site of IGRSUP, i.e,
  • Login to the portal of IGRSUP.
  • Select the Property Registration option on the left and click on it.
  • A new window will flash on the screen.
  • Click on the Apply Now Option and a new window will appear on the screen.
  • Select between the two options that will appear on the screen

– New Application

           -Already have an account

  • In the case of a new application, A window containing a form will appear on the screen.
  •  Fill in the required details in the form:-



          -Deputy Registrar

-Mobile number

-A Strong Password

  • Click on the Enter option after Filling up the details.
  • After filling and submitting the documents online, the application has to be presented to the Sub-Registrar along with the Signed Documents of the Property. A Favourable timing can be selected for the physical verification of the documents.

After filling out the application, it is necessary to check the status for the same.

Checking Status of the Application

It becomes important to check the status of the application to keep a track of the process. These are the following steps to keep track and check the status of the application.

  • Visit the official portal of IGRSUP and log in to the portal.
  • Select the Property Registration tab and click on apply now.
  • Click on the second option, i.e, User Login.
  • A new window will flash on the screen.
  • Fill in the required details such as District, Application Id, Password, and the Captcha code.
  • Click on enter and the current status of the application will appear on the screen.

How to Buy Property through the Portal

This initiative of the government provides the opportunity to buy property from this portal. Property can be bought in the following steps.

  • Visit the Official site of the IGRSUP portal
  • Click on the Property details option on the left.
  • A new window will open on the screen
  • This window allows the user to search for the property in both rural and urban areas.
  • By clicking on the Rural Properties, a window will open.
  • Enter the following information such as District, Tehsil, Village, House no. etc.
  • Click on the submit option
  • A window showing all the details about the property in that particular area will appear.
  • The same process will be followed for Urban Areas Properties.

Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is a duty that is levied as a fee for the verification and legalization of the documents. It is an indirect tax that acts as evidence of any transaction of property.

Application for withdrawal of Stamp Duty

A user can apply for the withdrawal of the stamp duty online through the online portal of IGRSUP.

Steps for applying for withdrawal of Stamp Duty

  • Visit the Official portal of IGRSUP, i.e, 
  • Login to the portal
  • Click on the tab of Stamp Duty withdrawal. A new window will flash on the screen.
  • In case of a new registration, click on the tab of the new user.
  • A window will appear showing a form of information.
  • Fill in the required information in the window and proceed.
  • In the case of already a user, click on the Pre-Register Tab.
  • A window will be opened on the screen. Fill in the details like application id and captcha and continue.
  • The stamp duty refund status will appear on the screen.

Certification of E-Stamp On The Portal

The online portal of IGRSUP also allows the users to get the E-Stamp certificate to avoid the hassle of timings and paperwork.

Steps to Get E-Stamp Certificate

  • Visit the official portal of IGRSUP
  • On the home page, select the E-Stamp tab.
  • A window will be opened on the screen.
  • Fill in the required details such as state, Stamp Duty type, Certificate number, and Issue date.
  • Click on the verify option below the information column.
  • The details will be displayed on the screen.
  • Users can download the certificate in pdf form and can get it printed.

Charges of Stamp Duty in UP

  1. Sale Deed – 7%
  2. Sale Deed (Female) – 6%
  3. Sale Deed (Male+Female) – 6.5%
  4. Sale Deed (Female+Female) – 6%
  5. Sale Deed (Male+Male) – 7%
  6. Gift Deed – Rs. 60 – Rs. 125
  7. Lease Deed – Rs. 200
  8. Will – Rs. 200
  9. General Power of Attorney – Rs. 10 – Rs. 100
  10. Special Power of Attorney – Rs. 100
  11. Conveyance Deed – Rs. 60 – Rs. 125
  12. Notarial Act – Rs. 10
  13. Affidavit – Rs. 10
  14. Agreement Deed – Rs.10
  15. Adoption Deed – Rs.100
  16. Divorce – Rs.50
  17. Bond – Rs. 200

Advantages of IGRSUP

  • Provides every property-related service in one place.
  • Saves your time and money through online transactions.
  • Easy to use and less paper-work
  • Displays all the information about properties and Investment in real estate.

Take Away

This article covers the details about the UP Property Registration and all other details such as how to buy property, the charges, advantages, etc. This would be very helpful for people looking to invest in real estate in Uttar Pradesh.

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