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Axis Bank is India’s third-largest private-sector bank, offering a comprehensive range of financial services. The headquarters are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. As of March 31, 2021, it had 4050 branches, 11,801 ATMs, 4,917 cash recyclers spread over the country, and 10 international offices. Over 55,000 employees work for the bank, which has a market valuation of $1.31 trillion (US$19 billion) (as of March 31, 2021). It provides monetary services to large and mid-sized organisations, small and medium-sized businesses, and retail firms.

Salary of Axis Bank PO 2022

The average salary for an Axis Bank PO (Probationary Officer) is Rs 17,411. Officer pay at Axis Bank can range from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 26,000 per month. This pay estimate is based on 12 Axis Bank PO salary reports submitted by workers or statistical methods. An Officer at Axis Bank may expect to earn an average total of Rs.2,08,927 after bonuses and other benefits.

So, after the salary explanation, let’s talk about the axis bank employees’ remuneration. Let’s look at what employee perks are before we start talking about them. Why is it vital to provide such advantages to employees? In most cases, an employee receives an indirect and non-cash reimbursement. Some benefits are mandated by law (for example, social security, unemployment compensation, and workers’ compensation). In contrast, others vary by firm or industry (health insurance, life insurance, medical plan, paid vacation, pension, gratuity). The axis bank Probationary Officer receives the same advantages as other banks.


1) Staff Housing loan @ 4%

2) Vehicle Loan @ 4%

3) Personal Loan @ 10.99%

4) A salary account with top-of-the-line features and complimentary services

5) A free Advantage Credit Card with a slew of extra benefits

6) Medical and life insurance provided by the bank (Amount depending upon your grade)

7) Reimbursement for phone bills (depending upon your profile)

A job promotion is usually awarded to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional performance or developed the necessary skills and knowledge to take on a higher level of responsibility. In the latter situation, the employee may have spent sufficient time with the organisation to be eligible for the promotion. Axis Bank promotes probationary officers in the same way other banks promote their staff.


  1. What is the average salary of Axis Bank in hand?

Ans. Axis Bank in hand averages around Rs. 11,000 per month and goes up to Rs. 42,427 each month. The average Axis Bank salary for the year is between Rs. 1,40,000 and Rs. 11,43,562 per year.

  1. What is the salary of a probationary officer in Axis Bank?

Ans. Probationary Officers are paid between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 26,000 per month, according to the current pay structure. POs are eligible for HRA and DA in addition to their base Axis Bank salary. The amount of HRA awarded to POs is determined by the location to which they are assigned.

  1. How to become a Po clerk in Axis Bank?

Ans. The Axis banks official site is where one can find information about Axis Bank PO Clerk Jobs 2022. To apply for these Axis Bank jobs, candidates must have completed their graduation/post-graduation in any department (B.Sc, B.Tech, MBA) from a recognised institution or board.

  1. What is the salary structure of Axis Bank after the 7th Pay CPC?

Ans. You may get an estimated concept of the income of a given field and choose the most acceptable career decision with the help of the Axis Bank Pay Scale. Axis Bank’s salary structure and allowances have been boosted by around 24 per cent. The minimum monthly remuneration is Rs. 18,000, and the highest remuneration is Rs. 2.25 lakh.


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